Learning algorithm

Algorithm that learn user usage and auto-learning system will do that processing next time autonomicly for you

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Automatic fixing process

Auto fixing feature to save our time for press or open valve.

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Liquids sensing

PH, Salt level, water level, irrigation and chem control

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Control focusing

Control on any kind of blinds and shades motors, liquid and watering systems , robot cleaning control, lights control, E-valve control, covering control, pump control, thermo - motion, entry - security control

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Analysis chart

You can export easily history logs in any column.

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Manage thousands locations from your mobile

Can monitoring and control on your thousands customers easily from your mobile

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Autonomy works

Autonomous Blinds, light and AC will effect the optimal values for well being.

Weather sensing

Co2, temperature value, wind speed, rain level, dust parts, and relative humidity

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Manual override control

Heat up cool remotely before you get area.

Alarm notification

On / Off the alarm and received any wanted notifications

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Customized equity and formula

Easy up and down setpoint

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Sunset / sunrise control

Can slide set X time before sunset / sunrise what to do autonomicly

Entry / security guard

Entry and ways counting and logging

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Autonomic timer

Weekly schedule

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Real time cameras

Camera 24/7, can help you see your location at present and record history processing.

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Thermo / motion sensing

Sensing heating map and also can focus on moving objects via thermo sensor

Energy consumption

few seconds. No more studying manuals! Electric meter System calculates energy consumption based on either a virtual electric meter or using a dedicated hardware meter

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Light scenes

Multiple lights are combined into lighting scenes.

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